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Concert University

Concert Career Coaching for Freelance Classical Musicians

You graduated.


Now what?...

It's time to

Build A Profitable Performing Career

with award-winning Conductor Stephen P Brown

Here’s a bold statement: Classical musicians don’t need to take multiple jobs as a teacher, administrator, corporate junkie or food server, running from one random gig to another, just to pay the bills.

My clients jump from doing “just fine” in a variety of jobs to five-figure months as a confident performer.

I get it - everyone says musicians need to blast themselves all over social media, and I’ve tried it myself, but that time should actually be spent performing, not posing for photos and writing blog posts, Tweets and stories.

There is a proven five-step process to booking high paying gigs without relying on agents, managers, fixers, and - even worse - saying “yes” to every single gig that comes along.

My clients grow a loyal audience who WANT to come back for more, no matter where they live or how much they charge them. Plus, they only play the music they want to play and practice.

To learn how they do this, watch my free training and I’ll share the exact blueprint they use.

Watch this training

"If you're interested in creating opportunities for yourself as a performer, this is the right place."

"I had no idea how to book a recital without having to rent the facility myself, or how to find an audience. I didn’t know what sorts of venues I should approach or how to start conversations with them, and most importantly I had no way of showing their return on investment.

"After enrolling in Concert University, I booked the single most enjoyable concert I’ve ever performed; the audiences were captivated by my program, the venue could CLEARLY see how much they gained with next-to-no effort, I recaptured the motivation to pour time into practicing, and I felt validated. I had ample time to connect with the audience and build lasting relationships, and now have a system for following up to make them feel special. Five minutes after the performance the venue booked me again for next month, and I’ve got a process to repeat… I’ve already got confirmed bookings with other venues and many more who are interested.

"Being enrolled in CU, it was so refreshing building relationships with like-minded musicians who want to make a difference in the world while realizing that we have to help others. We don’t have to feel bad expecting a high fee, or if a venue rejects us. I absolutely turned a new chapter in my performing career and it shocks me to think of what kind of gig I was chasing just 2 months ago."


"My first coaching session with Stephen was totally inspiring! Overall, I learned a bunch and was both challenged and stimulated to think differently about my approach to a concert career lifestyle!" 
Concert Pianist

Why we help you:

  • Do you worry about financial stability?
  • Do auditions frighten you a little?
  • Do you worry someone else might get your gigs?
  • Do you need more work over the Summer months?
  • Has a player, a fixer, or a venue ever let you down?
  • Do you feel stuck running from one poorly paid gig to another, taking on teaching and other work to make sure your bills get paid?

Before taking the CU beginner course, I was confused, ashamed, and felt helpless about not having the career that I wanted. I had this talent and gift I wanted to share with the world and I felt like a failure for not being able to figure out a way to do it effectively and make money. I felt I was at the mercy of organizations who had the power to hire me and that I had no independent way of building a career.

After taking this course, I gave a solo recital for the first time in almost 10 years. It brought back joy to my practicing sessions because I am practicing music that I want to perform! I had only given 3 solo recitals in my life: one for undergrad and two for grad school. Now, I am performing multiple solo recitals a month and I am making money and building fans while doing it!

CU brought back a sense of empowerment and self-respect that were lacking in my life. I now know I am the captain of my own destiny!


What we help you with:

  • How to turn your classical music performances into a six figure income, even if that sounds ridiculously out of reach right now.
  • How to build a fan club: Perform the exact music you want, for the people you want, who pay what you want.
  • How to decide which gigs pay a premium rate. Stop running from one low-paying gig to another and teaching, just to pay the bills… and move to $10,000 a month as quickly as possible.
  • How to leverage your repertoire so you don’t get bored but you also don’t lose days and days practicing music you don’t like.
  • How to do ALL this without blogging, tweeting, SEO, making videos, and all that other “Marketing Guru” stuff you read about online that you really don’t want to do.

"Really take to heart what Conductor.StephenPBrown is sharing with you. Really work to follow his advice. It's scary and hard work doing what he's advising. But its necessary and so rewarding."

What you get out of it:

  • You will have complete control over where you perform, who with, who for, and for how much.
  • You’ll be able to fill concert halls with your own fans because they know you as THE MASTER MUSICIAN, and any performance you are in they KNOW is going to be great.
  • You’ll accidentally become a celebrity because you are the local expert, the authority who brings the light of live classical music into people’s lives.
  • You’ll realize that your income does not depend on what others can afford or are willing to pay, but on your own ability to raise cash instantly, whenever you need it.
  • You’ll earn more while working much less - think of what you would do with all that extra time! Go sailing, visit far-away cultures, cruise as a luxury passenger, brew your own beer, run for public office, build your own cabin...?
  • AND, all the time you’ll be rediscovering and reveling in the JOY that music gave you when you first started performing.

It's so refreshing to cross paths with a mentor like Stephen, and to have a new roadmap to a blooming career drawn out with a simple, consistent approach to growing a loyal fan base.
Voice Bass

Before meeting Stephen, I had been struggling for years to meet the right people, hoping to be on their minds at the right time when the right gig came along. It wasn't doing much for my performance career. Stephen's Concert University program gave me the fundamentals of a unique framework for a business model that will help me take control of my performance career. If you are looking for a system that puts you in control of your performance success, there is no other program I know of like Concert University.

Who this is for:

Any freelance classical musician who wants to perform for more people on a deeper level for more money and less stress.

How to get started:

Watch this training

"We are a married couple interested in vastly expanding our performing activities together, and our experience with Stephen P Brown's initial Concert University coaching series has been strong, productive and good-natured. Before, we were worried about not being up to the task of competently organizing/managing/self-promoting. Now, at the conclusion of the program, we can look back and see that we have already created an ongoing concert series at the most important theater in our area, and connected with those who want to pay and support us in new venues and remote locations. All this relieves administrative burden and creates a booked performing schedule. Thanks to CU, we have a new experience of ease and confidence, and live with a new assurance that the world is interested in our success."
Jenna and Hugh
Soprano and Piano

"Stephen’s inspirational and effective approach helped pave the way for my future successful musical career."

The secret to performing full time, charging what you are worth, and exactly how to build a profitable performing career.

"I am so impressed by Stephen's work and the transformation he is bringing to my own mind and the minds of so many other performers out there--it will effect lasting change and greater fulfillment and satisfaction to us and our audiences!" Alisa, UT

"Stephen's generosity of time and spirit was inspiring. He reminded me of the gift that we as artists have to help people reconnect with emotions that they have lost." Matthew, NY

"I feel very enlightened and excited to pursue my career with fresh ideas and renewed passion. We are not taught in school how to pursue a career and how to do so on our own terms. This knowledge is essential to have a successful career." Veronica, CA

"Stephen is a genuine no nonsense guy who is truly trying to help." Marcel, FL

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