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I am reaping the benefits

Erica from California

“Before CU, I was struggling with feeling worthy of pursuing a life of performing. I let my past mistakes and lack of experience determine my performing career. I would dream about performance opportunities without any clear way of getting there. I concluded that my performing career was just going to be limited.

“In my first conversation with Stephen, I felt like this burden I’d be carrying around was lifted off me. We talked about what my dream performances looked like and felt the excitement spilling over as we talked about the possibilities. I commented that it would be fun for an audience to see me transform from playing a Classical piece to an ABBA montage. Stephen replied, “Your audience is going to love seeing YOU transform as a performer as you grow from this program.” He was so right! The growth that I have experienced from that day to now is remarkable. I discovered the limiting beliefs that I held that were holding me back from pursuing a life of performing. I’m equipped to take full advantage of the opportunities that I now have to share music with the community around me. I have said “yes” to partnerships that are mutually beneficial. I’m making the world a brighter place because I’m showing up as my best self. Just today I booked another performance and I am THRILLED!

“Concert University is rigorous and challenging in all the best ways. I made the commitment to myself and I am reaping the benefits. Stephen and his team were incredibly supportive every step of the way. Each week it was like I collected shells on a beach walk and found that I had a wealth of wisdom and knowledge by the end. I like that each module had philosophical and practical work to do. There was always an action step to take that made me better. I am so grateful that I enrolled and continue to engage with Concert University. Give yourself this gift — you will not regret it!”

Erica, CA

Here’s what some of our other clients have said:

“I was SO happy with my singing. It was a really demanding program, and yet I felt in more artistic and technical control than ever before!” Sangeetha, NJ

“CU changed my mindset and gave me much more confidence about performing. I especially loved the tangible resources and the lessons on how to stay organized – they were everything I wanted to learn in college but nobody ever cared to teach it.” D, TN

“Thanks to CU, we have a new experience of ease and confidence, and live with a new assurance that the world is interested in our success.” Jenna & Hugh, VT