A Message For ACB Musicians

Guiding musicians beyond their technique

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How Concert University can help you:

We help professional and amateur musicians ignite their passion and find the confidence to unleash spectacular performances, get the focus they need to unlock their joy of performing, and accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

Find out why you were never taught what you need to know:

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How Concert University has helped:

People come to my concerts not knowing what to expect, and I send them home with a smile on their faces and asking for more.


CU brought back a sense of empowerment and self-respect that were lacking in my life. 


Thanks to CU, we have a new experience of ease and confidence, and live with a new assurance that the world is interested in our success.

Jenna & Hugh

It all begins with understanding which approach you want –
Earn income from performing, or
simply become the best performer you can be.
Find out the differences here:

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We believe in the Triple Win

Are you often forced to choose between nurturing your relationships and cultivating your music? With ever-growing family needs, demands on your time, and increased social and political pressures, your music-making can get left behind.

But you shouldn’t have to choose between home, work and your hobby. You can achieve the Triple Win:

  • Succeed as a performer
  • Nurture your audience
  • Cultivate your community.

Listen to Maestro Stephen P Brown explore your options for success:

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